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Ok, the list below may look a little short but this is about submitting to the major search engines. You may not see search engines that you KNOW are popular (like  AOL). That's because search engines sometimes get their results from other search engines. So, once you are listed in one; your listing is shared with others. For example; AOL gets it's results from Google™, so if you are listed in Google™ you'll show up in the AOL Search results automatically.

It's all about proceeding in the right order (big fish first), and submitting to the right places. Never submit your site before it is optimized and be very careful about using any automated submission services. The best way to get listed is to visit each search engine and submit your web site yourself.

(And yes, I know some of the places listed are not really search engines, they're directories, but this is about getting hooked up quickly - so I put all the big fish in one place.) Getting listed in major directoies (like Yahoo) will significantly improve your overall rank in other search engines. Vertical directories (those dealing with just one specific industry) will also improve your popularity.

Location Why Where Notes
Google™ Accounts for the most incoming traffic to most websites. Add URL page Hands down the best way to get listed with Google™ is to build links to your web site.
MSN Crawler based - check to see if your site is indexed..if not submit it. Instructions Page MSN has launched their new algorithmic search engine (crawler based). Submit your URL.
Yahoo Directory An excellent place to be listed for the value of the inbound link to your website.

Yahoo Instructions

cost $299 to submit

Yahoo directory is important, however, if budget is tight you can skip this one for awhile.
Yahoo Search Free or paid options available Main Page Yahoo search feature.
Open Directory Powers the results for many other search engines and directories. Home Page Browse to the category you think you belong in and then click the suggest URL link.
Looksmart One of the top "second tier" search engines. Paid Inclusion The small business program lets you get one URL per web site listed with LookSmart, however, costs are higher than other paid inclusion programs.

Article By:
Anita Schott,
SEO Expert and Contributing Writer
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