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search enginesOk, you've optimized your site and your on your way to getting some good quality links coming from sites who are regarded as experts in your field. (If not, read about search engine optimization here and optimize your website before submitting to any search engines.) You can check the readiness of your pages with our SEO Doc. Read below for where to submit and the best strategies.

Internet search engines - search engine submission guide

Now you need to submit your website to the Internet search engines. Since Google™ and Ask™ are crawler-based internet search engines and they will find you eventually, should you still submit anyway? Yes - it can't hurt. And, it doesn't hurt for you to submit to as many other search engines as you can find. Smaller search engines and directories that are not considered as the "major" or "top" can still account for good quality traffic. And having them link to your pages count as incoming links to your website. The more incoming links you have - the better your chances are of being found and indexed by Google™ and other major search engines. Crawler-based search engines follow links found in other websites and they will eventually find you. If your budget is tight there are still places to submit your site for free.

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Anita Schott,
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