Selecting the best targets.


Enough cannot be said about selecting the right keywords. So many companies overlook this important aspect in their marketing plan and end up with listings under keywords that nobody uses in searches. Or, they end up at the bottom of a long list of competing sites for keywords that are way too general.

Research shows that most (31%) people search for two word phrases, a large number (25%) use three word phrases and ONLY a few (19%) try searching with a single word query. People are searching this way because they want relevant results... they don't want to wade through tons of listings to find what they are looking for. This is a good reason to make certain your keywords are specific and targeted.

Make a list of as many keyword combinations as you can find that best describe your web page. If the page is your home page this list could be up to 100 keywords or more. Find out how many people are searching for your keywords (using our SEO tools)... then rank the words according to the numbers. Next you need to narrow down the list and target ONLY the most effective words.

The Selection Process

How to select your top keywords...

  • Create a list of as many words as you can find
  • Cross words off your list that are not highly relevant to your content.
  • Cross words off your list that are too broad or general.
  • Cross words off your list that are too saturated with competing listings
  • From the words left on your list, select the ones that have higher numbers of people using them in searches.

For best results; select only one to two keywords for each page you plan to optimize. Build your visable content and your meta tags around these words. Do not try to optimize a single page for every possible keyword combination - you'll simply dilute your effectiveness. Instead, target the highest searched and/or most relevant words or phrases. Build new content around the other words or word combinations.

Use as many resources as you can find to test the popularity of your keywords. After you've compiled your list you can move to writing effective meta tags.

Article By:
Anita Schott,
SEO Expert and Contributing Writer
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