What is SEO?

what is ppcSearch engine optimization (SEO) is an established process of improving how your web site interacts with search engines and thereby boosting your "organic" or "free" search engine result pages listings. The articles in this section will help you understand how search engines work and how to optimize your website.

What are organic listings?

Organic listings (natural or free) are the heart of search results. They are compiled based on the search engine's own proprietary algorithm. Your ranking (or lack thereof) is partially dependent on how your pages are composed
and contructed. Google™ has 10 organic listings per page
and approximately 7-10 sponsored results.

What search engines are affected by SEO?

Crawler type search engines such as Google™ can be influenced by SEO. They all use a "crawler" or "bot" to retrieve your pages and they use a proprietary algorithm to rank the pages in their indexes.

search engine optimizationCrawler based search engines:

  • Google™ (AOL uses the same index)
  • Yahoo© Search
  • Ask™
  • MSN©

Many search portals have stopped crawling the web and rely on others for their search results as is the case with Lycos.

How can I improve my rankings?

Search engine's want to rank relevant content highly. So, if your content is relevant to a user's search query; you can expect to see some ranking. There are numerous other things you can do, but, there is no substitute for good content. You can also use a search engine friendly design and optimize your website for specific keywords.