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This is SEO made easy.

This is the easiest and most accurate SEO software you will find! You get just the precise information you need to quickly and efficiently optimize your pages.


The SEODoc crawls your web site like a search engine and analyzes your page for the critical factors that affect search engine positioning. You get valuable insight about how the search engine's will view and rank your content with expert advice to improve the odds of obtaining top rank for a keyword.

screen shotYou get an overall score with easy-to-understand advice, helping you snag those elusive top positions.


  • Robot Tags
  • Server Settings
  • META Tags
  • Title Tag
  • Page Links
  • Images on Page
  • Headlines
  • Body Content
  • URL Addressing/Structure
  • ALT attributes in Image Tags
  • Keyword Density
  • Word Count
  • Keyword Frequency

Get top rankings and the traffic will keep flowing!

Search engines have the potential to send huge amounts of targeted traffic directly to your door! You could get thousands of visitors every day from a single top rank! Top ranks in natural search results are free but they must be earned through the process of search engine optimization (SEO).

The SEO Doc will check your pages for the primary factors that affect your rankings and give you a prescription for improvement. You don't get tons of unimportant data - just the critical elements that need attention to boost your search engine rankings and send your traffic through the roof!

Try our MINI SEO Tester to get a preview of the SEO Doc.

This tool is the best resource I've found for on page and HTML search engine optimization. It ranks your page a score of 1 through 30 on optimization and gives you point by point instructions on how to improve your score. I highly recommend the paid version for optimizing image alt tags and graphics as well.

Developed by SEO experts
If the SEO Doc finds problem areas in your pages, you get complete, easy to follow instructions to improve your pages. No software to install... just enter your URL and the SEO Doc will spider your pages similar to a search engine.

SEO Doc is only available to Instant Position members. Membership includes unlimited access to the SEO Doc and many other powerful web tools.

Easy to took me only a few minutes to test my pages to see if my pages were optimized. I was then able to give my web developer exact instructions to correct the errors.
J. Wilder, Site Owner

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