Advertising on Pay Per Click Search Engines

Pay per click or paid search is a great way to get instant traffic to your site. Think of it as "traffic on demand". If you have an offer or promotion that needs attention now - you can't wait for a search engine to crawl, index and rank your page. You need to be able to generate pageviews and the fastest way to do that is through paid search advertising.

Whether the model is pay per click (PPC), pay for ranking, or pay for inclusion; it has become a good way to get fast, targeted traffic. You bid for keywords or pay a fee and the search engine serves up your listing along with other results when a user enters a query. The fee you pay can vary based on each search engine's pricing model.

As a professional marketer, I've used a number of pay per click search engines for various clients and I've found that each search engine has varying results depending on my client's keywords and industry. While the bigger players like Google™ are better for some projects, the second tier engines may provide a better ROI because of their lower costs. Most have a low initial minimum deposit so it is wise to run a test campaign before making a large investment.

If you are unsure about how paid search marketing works, read about PPC and PPC bid management .

The following list of PPC search engines provides the signup page link along with a brief summary of each engine's network (where your ads will appear).


Name Signup Notes
Google™Adwords Bid for keywords across the Google search network or content partners.
Yahoo Search Marketing pay per click search engines Offers a range of paid search options.
Go Click PPC Search Engine
7 Search Be a Advertiser! Pay per ranking, start with as little as $25.
Search 123 Tired of inflated click prices? Try Search123. Partnerships with quality web properties across all major commercial categories. $25 initial deposit gets your campaign started. Is currently partnered with thousands of leading Web properties.
ABC Search pay per click search engine  
Mirago pay per click program Serves the UK and Europe.
Mamma pay per click program PPC Network consists of Copernic, Hotbar and
Kanoodle add url Partner network includes,, MSN and more.
Miva pay per click search engines PPC network.
ePilot pay per click search engines 300 search partners including Yellow Pages Nationwide, PageSeeker, and more.

Article By:
Anita Schott
Google™ Adwords Professional
The G3 Group


If you need help with paid search management or pay per click search engines, contact a professional search engine marketing services company.